CJ McPhee

Explore the Whole You


About this blog

The writings I am offering in this blog are about empowerment in the human experience.  They are about relaxing into our very important connections with the physical and the energetic.The main concepts interwoven within the entries are:

  1. We are not alone.  There is energy, light, and intelligence supporting us even when we choose not to look at it.
  2. That support is cooperative and will work with us to create environments in which we can thrive.
  3. The biggest part of you is Whole, Well, and Aware of that support.
  4. Your body is the most important tool you have for experiencing your Wholeness in this world with variety, fullness, and passion.
  5. Childlike wonder and imagination that includes the body, accelerates one’s alignment with the Whole you.
  6. Aligning and re-aligning with your Wholeness is a beautiful sensual dance between your Authenticity and the Universe.
  7. Aligning and re-aligning with your Wholeness transforms inner dialogue and belief systems to reflect your authenticity.
  8. You are invited to ‘Explore the Whole You!’