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Making Love to Lotus – Spiritual, Sensual, Sexy and Playful Apr 1{ No Comments }

My book, Making Love to Lotus: 7 Insights for Sensual Empowerment, Creativity and Whole-Spiritual Intimacy Now!   is now available on AMAZON.COM The book is the elaboration of insights that I received during a 2007 multi-dimensional experience that led to the…

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Doors open wide when I say “Next!”  There have been periods of time in my life when it has felt like life’s circumstances were holding me back, and I couldn’t catch my breath.  In truth, it is only my clinging…

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Receiving Without Condition

WITHOUT CONDITION                          Deutschland, Juni 2013 WithOUT Condition No conditioning, exercising, practicing Working hard, Love is easy. It’s a morning breeze blowing softly through grass. It’s fluid water lapping the shoreline. It’s the shadow my body makes on a moonlit night….

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