CJ McPhee

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A message from CJ

This blog is my art, my energy moving, me trusting me and revealing a voice within my work.  It is an evolving creation.  What is your art?  What makes you feel alive?

I love the creative process.  The more I let myself create wholeheartedly, the more energy I move and the more I receive that which is conducive to empowered living.  What moves you?

I like to play with movement, slow and not slow.  I like to play with visuals and imagination as a tool for aligning with my wholeness. Playing with color on canvas frees me up.  I enjoy expressing myself through writing and orating.  If you showed interest in something I’ve written, I’d want to read it out loud to you, paying careful attention to the delivery of sound without thinking about it.  Reciting my poems and stories, letting the words flow, delivers me right into my body, the most important tool for receiving that which we really are.   Reciting makes me feel relaxed and timeless.  Articulating the words as sounds allows me to pour the energy I am into the body I have.  What relaxes you that much?

I like to feel inspired and I like to inspire.  I hope what I’m offering through this blogs inspires you.  I wish you well.

(For more about my philosophy and programs, go to energymoves.net.)