CJ McPhee

Explore the Whole You



Teetering on the edge.


Wishing for more.


Wanting to become.


Kissing the air.


Daring to dream.


Palpating the space between pain and grace.


I do it.


And They feel it.


They hear it.


They know it,


though it is not there.


They claim it


In the here.


My lips poised to speak,


words won’t reach a place outside me.


While my own two feet,


ground me,


And They feel it.


They hear it.


They know it.


My Good comes,


rolling onto the shore effortlessly,


wiping away footprints from the past,


revealing a clean canvas.


Should I choose it?


Why not?


Better yet,


how can I use it,


this moment to step forward anew,


to fall headfirst as a waterfall would do.


Diving into the unknown,


To merge with Them–energetically,


I do it.


I choose merging with the support


that feels, hears, and knows,


from beyond my worldly concerns,


The beauty of a human experience.

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