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You are loved! Upward and Onward

You are loved! Upward and Onward

UPWARD AND ONWARD          9 September 2011          Germany


You are not alone.


Even when your partner loves another,

You are not alone.


Even when the stars rest behind the clouds,

You are not alone.


When the winds blow sand in your eyes,

And your heart feels heavy,

When the cold rain streams into your bones,

And emotions run dark,

You are not alone.


Seen, heard, appreciated, loved, valued,

But not alone.


Your life can turn,

Your heart can mend,

Your soul, untouched by memories wretched,

Hardened feelings can melt and flow to let you know,

That you are seen, heard, appreciated, loved and valued.


When you sleep,

When you slow,

When you wander but do not go,

When you breathe,

When you wait,

The best of you carries on,

Unfazed by dramas that seem real,

To you who knows the truth revealed,


Dimensional callings,

Sensual longings,

Angels falling,

You are moving,



An Angel Falling Upward and Onward.



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