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Receiving Without Condition (Audio)

WITHOUT CONDITION                          Deutschland, Juni 2013

WithOUT Condition

No conditioning, exercising, practicing

Working hard,

Love is easy.

It’s a morning breeze blowing softly through grass.

It’s fluid water lapping the shoreline.

It’s the shadow my body makes on a moonlit night.

Oh yeh….Love is easy. It flows, without condition.


Without Condition,

The sun sets.

The trees grow.

Air moves in and out of my lungs.

Stars burn bright. I see them oh so bright in the night sky

And there is no one right.. way,

Only many ways,

To receive it…..

That love that flows easy.


Easy like butter melting on warm fresh baked bread,

Easy like these words rolling off my tongue,

Moving past my lips,

The sound vibrating your ears.

Without condition.

Can you receive this message,

Without condition?

Can we receive love, the energy that flows, without condition?

Yeah. Yeah. We can.


A morning breeze blowing softly through grass….

Be the grass.

Receive the delicate breeze’s breath.

Water lapping the shoreline….

Be the shoreline.

Receive the water’s gentle caress.

The shadow your body makes on a moonlit night.

Be the ground, the Earth that shadow walks on…..


Be IN, Be IN, Be IN, BE IN your body,

Let the moonlight shine upon you as you sit in your body

In the body is the place from which we-human beings- receive,

Receiving the flow and ease of love, the energy.

In many, many, ways.

Infinite possibilities flowing.


We can receive without condition.

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2 Responses to “Receiving Without Condition”

  1. Dan Bessmer thinks:

    December 10th, 2014 at 1:20 am

    CJ: Wonderful poem! It brought vivid images of a time I lived on my sailboat in Port Ludlow, WA. I am a star gazer when not sailing. This was a rare year when 5 planets lined up, low on the horizon of the southern sky. Venus. Mercury. Mars. I sat by myself in the cockpit of my beloved boat and watched the sky as the moon set and reveled those 5 planets lined up like gems in the sky. Blue. Yellow. Orange and white. They tell me I will never live to see it again. Very rare. It was one of those defining moments in life when one realizes we are small and large in the galaxy at the same time. It am not sure why but your poem brought that wonderful night back in vivid color. But it did. Thanks…Dan. (see you in class sometime)

  2. CJ McPhee thinks:

    December 10th, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    Dan, What a vivid description of your star gazing night. I love it! You’ve given me a whole new perspective.


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